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Hooly Shit

2011-01-23 03:04:33 by Totfleisch

I cannot even BELIEVE how much song that got done. We fucking recorded three songs today. Two of them were written on the spot. Schicksal was not one of them, but, well, it's here. These are the not Tötfleisch songs down below this here text words.

GodFucK - White Noise Turned Black was 'played' by TheUltamate. "Inspired" by a "band" called Sunn O))).

The Silent Murder of the Buried Hero - Funeral for the Living is a good song to listen to if you fucking hate yourself. It was written and played by murdurpyg. A hella ironic metalcore song with a chorus stolen from In Flames.

Computers Suck

2010-08-10 20:46:59 by Totfleisch

Guess what, fucksticks? The computer took a giant steaming shit all over the computer program we had saved Schicksal to, so it's pretty much lost to the abyss. Regardless, we've got something being crapped out as I type this, so don't worry, everybody who I pretend watches this page.
There will be metal.

New Song Coming Soon

2010-08-08 19:02:59 by Totfleisch

Guess what, fucksticks? Tötfleisch has recorded an actual song. We will post this monstrosity, named Schicksal, as soon as Murdurpyg and I can get it mixed.

That is all for now.



2010-05-29 23:00:24 by Totfleisch

Hallo, ich bin TheUltamate, ein Mann von Tötfleisch mit Murdurpyg. Wir werden Failemetal machen. Es werdt eine Faile sein.

Aber es werde epische sein.

Aber erste, wir müssen Lieder schreiben...